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Trax Apparel Global limited is a Nigerian-based luxury clothing and accessories brand. We specialize in all types of bespoke men and women’s traditional attire, ready-to-wear hand-painted clothing and accessories, and lifestyle.

Our history begins with our founders Segun Oluwaniyi and Mark Odiete. Their vision was to create unique designs, by intelligently leveraging on the knowledge of the African urban culture in the global luxury scene.

Our signature collection, The Walking Canvas (TWC) is a fusion of art and fashion that creates luxury design pieces by leveraging Africa’s vast cultures and creating art with them on wearable clothing items & accessories.

 This innovation led to the continued recognition of the brand locally and internationally as our pieces have been worn by various well-meaning Nigerians, celebrities and entertainers. The collection has also created a new style of fashionable clothing in the Nigerian/African fashion space.

At Trax apparel, as part of our national responsibility, we aim to put our brand on the map, thereby representing Nigeria, in the fashion industry, on a global level.

Ours is a brand like none other. Our customers are of utmost importance and constantly influence our innovative creations. Our intent is to create a unique fusion of fashion, art lifestyle and spread the African story globally.

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